About us

Emina Tahirović

Markart d.o.o
"BITS has been taking care of our IT needs for the past 3 years. They provide fast, efficient, and reliable service and take care of everything from strategy to equipment procurement. In an environment that can often be confusing and inevitably evolving, they have helped us stay up to date with developments, implementing several significant system upgrades. It's a pleasure to work with them. We simply consider them 'members of our team'."

Dženita Mutap

Revicon d.o.o
"The BITS team has provided significant support to our business. They have strong communication skills, execute tasks flawlessly, and are always able to tackle the most difficult challenges."

Alma Sukić

HBSS d.o.o
"BITS has a highly professional team that has met all expectations related to the IT project they undertook for us. They react quickly and are flexible enough to adapt to all the changes required by our IT, and the level of service they provide is exceptional."